Hi there! I'm Kate. I'm so glad we connected. 

I'm an Olympian, world record setter, speaker, and holistic high performance coach for individuals looking to optimize their performance without sacrificing themselves. 

For 15+ years as a professional athlete and the last four years as a coach, I've worked to understand what it takes to achieve high performance over the long-term without burning out. I share research and tools on achieving peak performance, mastering your psychology, practicing self-care, and building a rich inner world.

My mission is to empower you with the tools to develop a powerful mindset and holistic lifestyle to thrive in all of life's arenas.


What you'll learn

The facts and cost of high achiever's stress and they are frequently most vulnerable to burnout. 

Simple tips for developing a self-care plan that you can follow every day, including ideas for changing inner dialog (emotional self-care) and practicing gratitude (spiritual self-care).

Develop awareness around what you need from a self-care plan. No two people need the same thing. Assess your needs and barriers to addressing those, then create a plan for implementing a self-care plan TODAY.

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